Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Raining It's Pouring

Well after staying up till 2 am most mornings this week sewing i was looking forward to a gorgeous day out at the Gymea Fair markets on Sunday...mmm mother nature had different ideas!!

Mum and i had a great time chatting to all the lovely people who came up to buy and just say hello in the 3 hours trading we got in, and i just wanted to say thank you, you are all so lovely and have such kind things to say, i am so just glad you like what we are doing..makes it worth it!

The little roller skate suits were a hit and i promise i will be making them in different sizes soon..i really need to grow another set of arms.. i think that may help.. and get back on the caffeine i think!! Bubs is helping me out by not letting me sleep anyway so if i have to be up till all hours i may as well be productive!

The womens singlets also went like hot cakes and more will be available on the net soon.... after i have finished mathilda's i will post all the one offs up on the site.

Next week we are in doors...hurray for that!!!

ALSO some exciting new products arriving in store hopefully this week from NZ designers.. can't wait!.. little shirred top shown in pic.. limited stock :) I have already grabbed mine!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mathildas Market

You are in for a treat this XMAS MATHILDA'S, as some of my favorite places to shop are all under the one roof!!

Mathilda's Market showcases and sells beautiful handcrafted and limited production baby and kids goods. Carefully handpicked stallholders bring the most divine and original clothing, accessories, homewares and toys for the little ones. Exquisite wares are lovingly made by some of Australia’s most talented crafters and designers – many of them parents themselves. It’s a shopper’s heaven for those who want to stylishly dress their children or decorate their kids’ home environment, but don’t want to buy mass produced, chain store items. At Mathilda’s Market you’ll see the funkiest and most gorgeous of outfits for the kids, chic bedroom decorations and furnishings, bright and brilliant toys, must-have accessories, pretty and practical bags and shoes, dreamy vintage-inspired creations, handcrafted musical instruments and jewellery, fabulous dress-up costumes, striking linen ... and so much more!

COME VISIT TIPPIETOES for lots of ONE OFF ORIGINALS and great MARKET SPECIALS~! Would love to see you!!
Sunday 1st Nov 9am -1pm Don't miss out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Market Dates

Just a quick update.. Summer Launch went really well.. we sold out of a lot of items in the first few days due to overwhelming popularity and are now re stocking!

Tippie Toes will have a stall at the Gymea Village Fair on Sunday 25th October down Gymea Bay Rd, if you are in the area come and see us.. lots of one off originals from Tippie Toes as well as items from the Site on sale.. bedding will be at COST price or below. Lots of little roller skate suits by tippie toes in vintage styles as well (as pictured )

This is one of your last chances to grab a tippie toes design for a little while as we welcome the latest and FINAL addition to our growing family in mid November :) I am really excited to meet this little one who seems to have been a little neglected this pregnancy.. 3rd time just can't seem to generate the same level of excitement at every kick and movement!! but as the day grows closer we are getting ready for chaos :)