Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Look at the wall

http://www.tippietoes.net.au/ is the first to feature the wonderful tree of life design from http://www.lookatthewall.com.au/. Thank you to Monique and her beautiful products, many of which are now available at tippietoes online.

I am currently busy sewing for my wholesale orders, there has been a lot of interest in tippietoes own range which is very exciting! More on this to come.

Am a little tired after staying up to watch a little piece of history last night and can say i am glad we don't have anything like the world's longest marching band parade over here! Oh boy there had to be 5000 marching bands...who knew marching was so popular....excuse me while i dozzzzzzzzzzzz offffffff.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 2009

Well happy 2009 everybody. I have just returned from a wonderful holiday over the xmas break, camping with my family and scouting potential new places to settle up the coast..very exciting.

I have returned fresh and inspired for a wonderful year full of exciting possibilities and designs for your little ones.

I would like to thank Amanda and her team at style collective http://www.stylecollective.com.au/ for her feature on tippietoes early this week. This is a great new site to browse when you have time...full of great little pieces from indi designers, i am greatful for the mention :)

There are also a few exciting opportunities in the pipeline for tippietoes brand so stay tuned!