Tuesday, December 1, 2009

plus 1 makes 5 :)

Well i am so pleased to be FINALLY home for good after going back to the maternity ward with mastitis for 3 days (NEVER thought i would be a patient there again!!) and pleased to announce the birth of baby Cohen Stewart Vazey, born 19th Nov at 9.20am weighing 8 pound 11 ounces.
What a gorgeous new addition to the family.. the kids have taken a shine to him already and so have mum and dad, since he eats and sleeps all day and not much else at the moment :)

I am hoping to post a few bits and pieces in the coming weeks and finish off some custom orders for some VERY patient loyal customers :) Cant wait for next year where i will hit the markets.. old and new and develop my first full range for the next summer.

I will have free shipping in the month of December for all members and those who join the newsletter via the website by the end of the week.. i will email everyone the code over the weekend as a MERRY XMAS from TIPPIE TOES along with some more sale items.

Thanks for all the well wishes.. we couldn't be more pleased....... now hubby............................... OFF TO THE DR!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thula Thula SWAP meet

I was recently involved in a designer "swap" arrangement started by the lovely Naomi at Thula Thula .. the idea was for us all to place an item up to swap with another designer so we could share the love... what a GREAT idea. Having loved her designs i was quick to snap up Naomi's nautical top for my little girl in exchange for a crochet sleeve top for her little girl. We were both very happy with the exchange :).. It was like xmas!!

Take at look at Naomi's designs, inspired by the 30's and 40's her peices are classic and made to perfection, the attention to detail is 2nd to none and the quality is outstanding. Grab yourself a little outfit at thula thula.. you wont be dissapointed!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Raining It's Pouring

Well after staying up till 2 am most mornings this week sewing i was looking forward to a gorgeous day out at the Gymea Fair markets on Sunday...mmm mother nature had different ideas!!

Mum and i had a great time chatting to all the lovely people who came up to buy and just say hello in the 3 hours trading we got in, and i just wanted to say thank you, you are all so lovely and have such kind things to say, i am so just glad you like what we are doing..makes it worth it!

The little roller skate suits were a hit and i promise i will be making them in different sizes soon..i really need to grow another set of arms.. i think that may help.. and get back on the caffeine i think!! Bubs is helping me out by not letting me sleep anyway so if i have to be up till all hours i may as well be productive!

The womens singlets also went like hot cakes and more will be available on the net soon.... after i have finished mathilda's i will post all the one offs up on the site.

Next week we are in doors...hurray for that!!!

ALSO some exciting new products arriving in store hopefully this week from NZ designers.. can't wait!.. little shirred top shown in pic.. limited stock :) I have already grabbed mine!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mathildas Market

You are in for a treat this XMAS MATHILDA'S, as some of my favorite places to shop are all under the one roof!!

Mathilda's Market showcases and sells beautiful handcrafted and limited production baby and kids goods. Carefully handpicked stallholders bring the most divine and original clothing, accessories, homewares and toys for the little ones. Exquisite wares are lovingly made by some of Australia’s most talented crafters and designers – many of them parents themselves. It’s a shopper’s heaven for those who want to stylishly dress their children or decorate their kids’ home environment, but don’t want to buy mass produced, chain store items. At Mathilda’s Market you’ll see the funkiest and most gorgeous of outfits for the kids, chic bedroom decorations and furnishings, bright and brilliant toys, must-have accessories, pretty and practical bags and shoes, dreamy vintage-inspired creations, handcrafted musical instruments and jewellery, fabulous dress-up costumes, striking linen ... and so much more!

COME VISIT TIPPIETOES for lots of ONE OFF ORIGINALS and great MARKET SPECIALS~! Would love to see you!!
Sunday 1st Nov 9am -1pm Don't miss out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Market Dates

Just a quick update.. Summer Launch went really well.. we sold out of a lot of items in the first few days due to overwhelming popularity and are now re stocking!

Tippie Toes will have a stall at the Gymea Village Fair on Sunday 25th October down Gymea Bay Rd, if you are in the area come and see us.. lots of one off originals from Tippie Toes as well as items from the Site on sale.. bedding will be at COST price or below. Lots of little roller skate suits by tippie toes in vintage styles as well (as pictured )

This is one of your last chances to grab a tippie toes design for a little while as we welcome the latest and FINAL addition to our growing family in mid November :) I am really excited to meet this little one who seems to have been a little neglected this pregnancy.. 3rd time just can't seem to generate the same level of excitement at every kick and movement!! but as the day grows closer we are getting ready for chaos :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

That's a WRAP

Just finished shooting most of the summer range with my gorgeous little models. The clothes look stunning, i am so excited about this seasons offerings at great prices too!! Let me know what you think..

I think Lily will be getting a couple of pieces from the rangfe for xmas!

Here are just couple of pics.. available end Sept 09... join up to the newsletter to be the first to know as these pieces are VERY LIMITED.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Join us on FACEBOOK and win!!

Follow Tippie Toes on Facebook and you could WIN... i will be running a competition to win some gorgeous prizes next week on facebook so make sure you join :)

CLICK HERE to join.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby and Kids Market

Just a quick one.. i will be at the baby and kids market at Sutherland Basketball Stadium next Sunday 13th Sept 9am - 12 noon. It is a great market to pick up some bargains!! Pre loved clothing in mint condition.. some brand new with tags!!
As well as making room for bub number 3 by selling off some gorgeous wears.. i am hoping to pick up some great buys myself!! Especially toys.. my poor kids are lacking in that department!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sneak Peak

Well it has been a little while since i have blogged... been so busy with the summer range which i am really excited about sharing with you end of Sept (and early Oct for the beautiful Ivy Designs 2009/10 summer range)... i have posted a few pics of what you can expect :)

The last couple of weeks have been a great learning curve for me, there has been tears, happiness, frustration, anger and everything in between as i continue to learn the ropes of the kids fashion industry... but coming out the other side, the thing i have learned the most is that my family is the most important thing in my life.. nothing else should even come close to getting the attention they deserve...especially as 4 grows to 5 very shortly!! How time flies when you are pregnant, emotional and uncomfortable :)

I want to thank all my lovely loyal customers who just keep on coming back for more.. i hope i can continue to supply you with unique, high quality products at affordable prices... you guys are great and your feedback, comments and emails really make my day.. so thank you!
PS that is me in the top pic...... LOL i WISH! A gorgeous sugar plum dress i will be selling in a limited edition very soon.. a lot of the lucky subscribers have already snapped theirs up early leaving only a few left!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"THE" Dress

Well it is fast becoming known as "the" dress.. certainly Tippie Toes BEST SELLER.

These little smock dresses have been up for one week and nearly all of them have sold out! Just a quick note to let you know i will be posting some more up this week.. seems i can't put them up fast enough :) They are very cute, so simple and affordable yet something a little different!
A staple in the summer wardrobe! Don't miss out on yours!
Leonie x

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's been a while...

Very slack on the blog!! It has been on my to do list for a long time now so i am up before the rest of the fam so i can finally update :)
Well since i last wrote Magnolia Square Markets has come and gone with great success, i was thrilled to be part of such a wonderful group of talented women!! My lovely neighbours included Melinda from Paperklip and Yogi from the delicious sweet dreams cakes.. these women were an inspiration and you really should check out their web sites if you are planning a party for your little one...constantly amazed at the talent and skill of these working mums!

Tippie Toes sales went really well, the feedback was great and i met so many lovely customers.. makes me want to open my own shop!! Unfortunately i wont be at the next markets as i will be about 39 weeks pregnant or have had bubs number 3! I will be at the mathildas markets in Nov though at approx 37 weeks pregnant :) Make sure to come and say hi!

The web site is really taking off so a big thank you to you all for your support.. i am continuing to source new lines for you as well as develop the tippietoes brand. If anyone knows any good boys brands be sure to let me know!
You can now find tippie toes vintage singlets at the beautiful wild things of noosa store. Lily is shown here is a tippie toes white vintage singlet (TT head dress also available in our store) and a pair of Selina's famous bloomers... made for each other don't you think :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Magnolia Square Markets

Hey everyone,

just a very short one to say tippie toes will be at the Magnolia Sqaure Markets in Randwick this thursday, friday and sat... come say hello! I have been madly sewing so you can see some new creations! Check out the link for times and location, it should be a great markets.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a girl thing

I have just finished putting Lily's room together and i thought i would share some pics. We are still waiting on new carpet and shelving but it is almost there.

I love shabby chic, white looks for girls room with vintage touches. There are MANY things i would LOVE to have in her room but i was on a strict budget!

I love her belle and boo prints, her op shop dresser and little dress hanger which holds some of my fav dresses from Tea Pony, Ivy Designs, Tippietoes Petite Couture and the local op shop :). I also just love her little punk rocker doll i found down in Cronulla.. it really reminds me of Lily's personality and she adores her... i am so imaginative with the name too.. it is Dolly...mmm maybe i can come up with something else..my husband is set on Emma :)!! At the moment lily just calls her eh eh eh eh with a point of her little finger!
Her little lantern lights found in a shop in country Coonabarabran look beautiful at night and her Nan found the gorgeous bead spread in a little shop in Mudgee (she made the lady open the shop so she could get it!!) Thanks Mum!
Anyway best get back to the sewing... i am sure i will add to the room as she gets older.. there seems to be a lack of toys!! She is only 16 months and does spend more time in her brothers room with his dinasours so i guess it will do our little miss for now :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Weekend Bliss

Just had to write in to share some pics of our wonderful long weekend, we took the kids down the coast to Symbio wildlife park which they loved! Lily got to feed the kangaroos and Ty almost fell over his feet trying to get away from them..funny! Then we had a pub lunch at Scarborough on top of the cliffs, followed by a day of fun and food with family. yesterday was spent cleaning and painting which was not so fun!!

I am busy sewing for the magnolia square markets which are coming up on the 2, 3 4th July.. i can't wait to have a tippietoes stall as well as shop for all those gorgeous products!!! I will put up a post with a sneak peek of my creations and all the details later this week.

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.. for us mum's it is nice to have an extra day of a helping hand!! ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Belle and Boo share the love

Hey everyone,

just a quick share for today, i absolutley love the London based belle and boo range of illustrations by the talented Mandy Sutcliffe. I have prints in Lily's room which just look gorgeous. While browsing her blog i came across a project she did called Feed Your Soul where artists share their artwork with a free download. I just thought i would post the link so you can all have a belle and boo in your room too!
Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some New One Offs

Well for those who sign up to the newsletter i have finally put a couple of things up.. thanks for checking back and sorry for being so slow! I have had some really tough personal things going on (and no it wasn't turning 30 lol) but things are looking up so hopefully i am back!! I feel like i have been out of action for so long in mind and spirit...i think i have my spark back so here's hoping i sew like a mad women over the next few weeks and i get lots more things up!!

I have found another gorgeous brand but it is a little on the expensive side so still deciding whether or not to stock.
Right Bank Babies is getting rave reviews which is great... it is SO MUCH more beautiful in person, as you can attest if you are lucky enough to have a piece of couture.

My application for a November stall at Mathildas has been approved so i will be there again with LOADS of christmas goodies... fingers crossed and prayers that everything goes well i will be 38 weeks pregnant though with bub number 3!! Have had some early scares but things look to be positive so we are praying for the best.
So thanks for your patience and happy shopping!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost there...

Well it feels like i have been out of action for months.... it really has only been 2 weeks but it feels like forever!

With the big move, hubby spraining his ankle on the eve of the move, renovations and little suprises, not to mention 2 gorgeous little munchkins finding every wet paint wall with their little fingers and tears from all three of us as we starting a new kindy.. it has been a hectic 14 days to say the least! However i am slowely feeling like i can get my sewing corner together....i could not believe how much STUFF i had until i had to pack it up and move it.... i never knew i had so many bits of fabric and lace!

In the middle of all this we took little man and missy moo to the show on the one day it rained! Luckily the kids enjoyed it as i tell you what they saw us coming!!!! Bertie Beatle bags all the way thanks to the $10 tea cups ride for little man!!!! Carnie's are NOT on my list of fav people!! And fish and chips for 2 $27...i don't think we will be going next year, i will take the kids for a drive to the county to see cows!

Anyway just wanted to touch base and say i am working on my one offs...i have finished a couple and am going to photograph them and get them up early next week... some long sleeve vintage tops and pants..some cute smock tops..and am working on a cute jacket at the moment. Don't have access to my pics as my main computer is down but thought i would share this shot from
the family album as missy moo expresses how i have been feeling over the past 14 days!!!!! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Two posts in 1 week!! There must be something special :)

Well YES..i am SO excited to introduce RIGHT BANK BABIES to the tippietoes followers. This brand is stunning! I had to really hold myself back from spending a small fortune!

These pieces are heirloom pieces and as a treat to you as i know times are tough and this is on the more expensive side, i have put the range on sale just because i want you to be able to own a piece at a reasonable price.

This is an American brand much loved with a great following and is only JUST been released here in Australia. I love the VINTAGE range and Cha Belle for Right Bank Babies. If you love it as much as me and the sales are good i will get in more pieces from the range that i know you will love.

These are the type of clothes you will put in a box for your future grandchildren... heirloom pieces with attention to detail! Made with 100% cotton and linen vintage inspired fabrics i am just so excited to bring this brand to you... let me know what you think!!!

There is one pair of boys pants, 1 pair of girls lace trim pants a shrug and pinafore... 'From size 2 - 5 years. ( this can change if the line is popular so if you would like a different size email me and i will see how we go :)

Hope you love it :)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank you

A BIG thank you to everyone at Mathilda's Market last Sunday.. i had such a wonderful day and met so many lovely people. Thanks to everyone who bought something or took one of my cards, i really do appreciate your support... it is nice to see so many of you that are discovering Tippietoes products.

I also met some of my lovely website suppliers, as gorgeous in person as over the email!! :)

Some exciting news: Right Bank Babies has arrived and i will be getting the products up in the next few days.. sneek peek photos are posted here :)

Thank you to our latest supplier Amelie's Room for the lovely crochet caps now available at www.tippietoes.net.au , don't miss out, these are ones for the keep sake box!! SO ADORABLE!

Thanks again to everyone for your on going support... we are moving next week to our new little home...so i may be a little slower than usual on the old blog!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Princess and the Beer

Lily had her first birthday last weekend and despite me staying up until midnight sewing her a tutu for the big day it turned out to be whatever was in the cupboard at the last minute after it was clear the princess was not happy with the tutu... great! Lucky Auntie Meg had bought her a cute little crochet top to save the day.

Then it was into the dirt and iceblocks in her new baby bloch shoes...mmm again great! Then we swapped milk for beer and the mummy gave up!

Tippietoes is expecting some very cute stock in the coming weeks so stay tuned...there is also time to grab a bargain on our summer sale stock so hurry while stocks last!

I have been busy sewing for Mathildas Market on Sunday 22nd March.. will post some pics of the creations in the coming days...until then... back to the sewing machine!