Tuesday, December 1, 2009

plus 1 makes 5 :)

Well i am so pleased to be FINALLY home for good after going back to the maternity ward with mastitis for 3 days (NEVER thought i would be a patient there again!!) and pleased to announce the birth of baby Cohen Stewart Vazey, born 19th Nov at 9.20am weighing 8 pound 11 ounces.
What a gorgeous new addition to the family.. the kids have taken a shine to him already and so have mum and dad, since he eats and sleeps all day and not much else at the moment :)

I am hoping to post a few bits and pieces in the coming weeks and finish off some custom orders for some VERY patient loyal customers :) Cant wait for next year where i will hit the markets.. old and new and develop my first full range for the next summer.

I will have free shipping in the month of December for all members and those who join the newsletter via the website by the end of the week.. i will email everyone the code over the weekend as a MERRY XMAS from TIPPIE TOES along with some more sale items.

Thanks for all the well wishes.. we couldn't be more pleased....... now hubby............................... OFF TO THE DR!!!