Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hey everyone, well just a little check in to let you know that i have re launched my jewellery and accessories range VINTAGE NIGHTS , it now has its own facebook page and you can purchase straight off there. I am making my own as well as sourcing the best high end costume jewellery for you all from around the globe with a retro/vintage vibe... very affordable... i hope you all love it!

I also had my first date night in a very long time on the weekend, me and hubby went to vietnamese in Newtown...YUM! Then onto the factory in marrickville to see i must tell you i am a HUGE jebediah fan, i may have been known to "follow" them around a little, back in the day, with friends from uni...some may call it stalking... i call it a healthy interest in music..or musician...;p it was a GREAT night, they rocked...if only my kids could have seen mum with her drink in hand up the front taking pics on my iphone like a big dork lol!! The crowd were all late 20's early 30's..funny...when i told my 21 year old cousin we were seeing jebs she said "WHO????" ...oh dear...come on... it's not like i said fleetwood mac?????? ANYHOW it was a super way to let my hair down after working so so hard lately!

Some other things i am loving.... Lumar (is he not the cutest husband ever!! from lumar and Khloe... Brothers and Sisters, diet coke, the new woolies brand sweet chilli and sour cream chips, my dog Tana (sometimes!!!!) my family thinks it is funny that the little pugalier is trying to dominate me...i will show him who is boss! All 3 KG of him!!!, austar IQ... LOVE IT...chelsey lately...hello how funny is that chic, that spotlight is coming to miranda just after i leave, cheers for that! husband for not knowing there was a speed camera in wollongong and letting me take the weekly fines and demerit points... cheers for that also...i had a perfect 12...not anymore!!, the rain.... well for a little bit friends who i got to see on the weekend and always make me laugh, the fact they are looking for a cure for crohn's..... i will KISS the person who can cure this for so many of us... and just being able to keep creating and growing my business ventures!

Okay so back to work...make sure you check out the link to vintage nights..i know you will love it chickies!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving and a puppy named Tana..

Well we did it..we finally have the sea change we have been talking about for the past 5 years! All be it only down to the Gong...but still, it feels like a million miles away from my last 20 something years in the "Shire"... i am loving the beach, the parks, the yard, the new studio...everything is perfect! We also got a little puppy pugalier "Tana" .. as in the all black.. my husband is a kiwi and we must pay a little homage! He is beautiful and settling into our crazy life! has been a little quiet, but never fear i have patterns and fabric galore for the coming summer..i am not a big winter fan, so i am concentrating on accessories over this time and getting ready for a colourful summer!!

The 3 kiddies are settling in well with mumma looking forward to the eldest starting school next year....BRING IT ON i say.... love him to bits, but he is FULL ON, good luck kindy teachers :))xx

So just a short one to say keep watching the website and tippie toes on face book for a few sales through the winter, a few market dates and a whole lot of fun xx

leonie xx