Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 2009

Well happy 2009 everybody. I have just returned from a wonderful holiday over the xmas break, camping with my family and scouting potential new places to settle up the coast..very exciting.

I have returned fresh and inspired for a wonderful year full of exciting possibilities and designs for your little ones.

I would like to thank Amanda and her team at style collective for her feature on tippietoes early this week. This is a great new site to browse when you have time...full of great little pieces from indi designers, i am greatful for the mention :)

There are also a few exciting opportunities in the pipeline for tippietoes brand so stay tuned!

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diana said...

Hi Leonie,
Welcome to the blogosphere. It's a lot of fun, enjoy! Happy New Year and I hope your online shop is a great success. Good Luck!
Di Jones