Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some New One Offs

Well for those who sign up to the newsletter i have finally put a couple of things up.. thanks for checking back and sorry for being so slow! I have had some really tough personal things going on (and no it wasn't turning 30 lol) but things are looking up so hopefully i am back!! I feel like i have been out of action for so long in mind and spirit...i think i have my spark back so here's hoping i sew like a mad women over the next few weeks and i get lots more things up!!

I have found another gorgeous brand but it is a little on the expensive side so still deciding whether or not to stock.
Right Bank Babies is getting rave reviews which is great... it is SO MUCH more beautiful in person, as you can attest if you are lucky enough to have a piece of couture.

My application for a November stall at Mathildas has been approved so i will be there again with LOADS of christmas goodies... fingers crossed and prayers that everything goes well i will be 38 weeks pregnant though with bub number 3!! Have had some early scares but things look to be positive so we are praying for the best.
So thanks for your patience and happy shopping!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have time to rest, you sound run off your feet. Will you be at the July markets? I will be there.