Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost there...

Well it feels like i have been out of action for months.... it really has only been 2 weeks but it feels like forever!

With the big move, hubby spraining his ankle on the eve of the move, renovations and little suprises, not to mention 2 gorgeous little munchkins finding every wet paint wall with their little fingers and tears from all three of us as we starting a new kindy.. it has been a hectic 14 days to say the least! However i am slowely feeling like i can get my sewing corner together....i could not believe how much STUFF i had until i had to pack it up and move it.... i never knew i had so many bits of fabric and lace!

In the middle of all this we took little man and missy moo to the show on the one day it rained! Luckily the kids enjoyed it as i tell you what they saw us coming!!!! Bertie Beatle bags all the way thanks to the $10 tea cups ride for little man!!!! Carnie's are NOT on my list of fav people!! And fish and chips for 2 $27...i don't think we will be going next year, i will take the kids for a drive to the county to see cows!

Anyway just wanted to touch base and say i am working on my one offs...i have finished a couple and am going to photograph them and get them up early next week... some long sleeve vintage tops and pants..some cute smock tops..and am working on a cute jacket at the moment. Don't have access to my pics as my main computer is down but thought i would share this shot from
the family album as missy moo expresses how i have been feeling over the past 14 days!!!!! :)

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