Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life is a roller coaster..

Stop the ride.. my husband and i need to get off!!! that is what it has felt like the past 12 weeks (funny...Cohen is 12 weeks this week..mmmm) although the lack of new items on the web site may suggest otherwise.. i have been so busy sewing for the markets.. so i hope you can all come to the mathildas first time in paddigton on sat 6th march.. will be fun:)

I have also been trying to get my head aroung the number of "petite couture" labels popping up all over the place.. my husband believed he coined the phrase 2 years ago over a glass of red.. i think it was the french somehow:)) So i have been racking my brain about whether or not to keep going.. if so how do i stand alone from the crowd... new products etc etc.. all ther while at home with the kids...then i received a lovely email from a beautiful customer that made my day and my decision.... i will do the very best i can to be different and unique and accept that sometimes things get tough and ugly but i will will listen to the words of a wise old women.. oprah.. if she were here she would say.. stay true to your self girlfriend... or is that marcia heines???

Anyway enough inner soul searching... there is a baptism and 2 year old's party to organise in 24 hours....ahhh....stop the ride.... or pass me the bottle... sorry oprah!


Lillipilli Lane said...

aaah, know the feeling. Came across your blog on some convuluted journey via skout : ) Best wishes to you and your mum's business. There are sooo many handmade kids stores now :0
Gee a new mum with a newborn is huge on its own. I agree with your summation - be true to yourself. Collaborate, cooperate... Go for your personal best : ) surely thats gotta bring some personal satisfaction. Go Mamma Go.

Selina said...

My customers looove YOUR vintage singlets, thats proof in itself that you are on the right track and your singlets are divine.

TippieToes said...

thanks guys xxx it has been a bit of a tough start to the year but i am hangin gon in there!