Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Start

Well long time no blogging!! I guess FaceBook has taken over recently, and with it comes good things and also not so good...all i will say on this is that eventually...hopefully... the truth will come out.. i just hate that wonderful and talented designers are being expolited and being made out to look like the villians... really sad.. but i have stayed out of it and that is the best way to be...

Onto TIPPIE TOES: Summer 2010/11 will launch in September. I am SO SO excited.. i have so many designers i can finally unveil.. a lot of hand made goodness as well as some of my fav finds!

The web site is going to get an overhall, a new look and feel and something fresh for summer.. can't wait!

VINTAGE NIGHTS: this is my "other" passion.. i started it about 7 years ago.. making jewellery, hair accessories and stationery, bits and pieces for all my friends and family. I have some new and exciting things to unveil soon.. stay tuned.

ME: I am stressed with a capital 3 kids, a business and a house to look after does not make for much rest and relaxation, especailly when little Cohen.. bless him... is being a little pain in the behind :) Lets just say my new radio station is the "sounds of whinging".. i listen to it all day and it leaves me SO relaxed come night time when i switch it over to "the sounds of crying" ... oh it isn't that bad????? Lucky he is so damn cute i cannot get mad with him.. and the fact he is only 8 months old!!! The other 2 precious ones make me laugh and frustrate the bejesus out of me all day every day.. mostly laugh though... Lily to Cohen " morning buuuuddyyy" Ty to Lily " his name isn't buuudddyyy... it's fatty boomars Cohen" ... who can't help but laugh at this banter all day long!

I have decided to try and give this whole blogging thing another go.. i love reading blogs that are truthful, funny, inspiring and just plain old why not put my degree to use and have a go at writing :) we will see how it goes anyway!

So back on board, lots of exciting things happening and a new outlook that i will TRY to stick to.. that is be thankful for what i have, be kind every day, open my heart and give a little back where i can.

Thanks for everyones support lately... it has been so fantastic and means the world!

Leonie x

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