Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Light Bulb moment: Get me out of this cold, damp unit and into a sunny happy place down the coast where the kids can play outside, i can spread my craft and sewing out where ever i please in my "studio" (i do love that word for some reason!!) instead of the lounge chair arms, the floor, the nursery, the wall hangings, the garage.. you get the idea :).. was sitting with a glass of red reading the new issue of notebook magazine (nothing like that magazine to make you realise your house and life need some MAJOR style make over!!) and i thought we MUST move NOW before i go insane with 3 kids in a unit!!

We take the kids to the park and it is like they have been released on bail... they go crazy! Poor little chickens... i crave a house with space to run around in (where you can take more than 2 steps and you are not in the next room yet!!!), a yard (nothing major..just a bit of grass to call our own), a big kitchen to do all that baking i never get around to doing and a home office.... ahhh.. a studio would make my world! and maybe, maybe a dog even! Although we will NEVER agree on what dog.. it will be some sort of paris hilton meets chopper cross breed!! but never a NEVER a cat :)

So thanks to my fav magazine Notebook... i will now continue my hunt for the perfect town house by the beach with an affordable mortgage, a studio, nice kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a yard, internal garage and not gross carpet...know nayone selling??

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