Friday, March 13, 2009

The Princess and the Beer

Lily had her first birthday last weekend and despite me staying up until midnight sewing her a tutu for the big day it turned out to be whatever was in the cupboard at the last minute after it was clear the princess was not happy with the tutu... great! Lucky Auntie Meg had bought her a cute little crochet top to save the day.

Then it was into the dirt and iceblocks in her new baby bloch shoes...mmm again great! Then we swapped milk for beer and the mummy gave up!

Tippietoes is expecting some very cute stock in the coming weeks so stay tuned...there is also time to grab a bargain on our summer sale stock so hurry while stocks last!

I have been busy sewing for Mathildas Market on Sunday 22nd March.. will post some pics of the creations in the coming days...until then... back to the sewing machine!

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