Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank you

A BIG thank you to everyone at Mathilda's Market last Sunday.. i had such a wonderful day and met so many lovely people. Thanks to everyone who bought something or took one of my cards, i really do appreciate your support... it is nice to see so many of you that are discovering Tippietoes products.

I also met some of my lovely website suppliers, as gorgeous in person as over the email!! :)

Some exciting news: Right Bank Babies has arrived and i will be getting the products up in the next few days.. sneek peek photos are posted here :)

Thank you to our latest supplier Amelie's Room for the lovely crochet caps now available at www.tippietoes.net.au , don't miss out, these are ones for the keep sake box!! SO ADORABLE!

Thanks again to everyone for your on going support... we are moving next week to our new little home...so i may be a little slower than usual on the old blog!

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