Thursday, March 26, 2009


Two posts in 1 week!! There must be something special :)

Well YES..i am SO excited to introduce RIGHT BANK BABIES to the tippietoes followers. This brand is stunning! I had to really hold myself back from spending a small fortune!

These pieces are heirloom pieces and as a treat to you as i know times are tough and this is on the more expensive side, i have put the range on sale just because i want you to be able to own a piece at a reasonable price.

This is an American brand much loved with a great following and is only JUST been released here in Australia. I love the VINTAGE range and Cha Belle for Right Bank Babies. If you love it as much as me and the sales are good i will get in more pieces from the range that i know you will love.

These are the type of clothes you will put in a box for your future grandchildren... heirloom pieces with attention to detail! Made with 100% cotton and linen vintage inspired fabrics i am just so excited to bring this brand to you... let me know what you think!!!

There is one pair of boys pants, 1 pair of girls lace trim pants a shrug and pinafore... 'From size 2 - 5 years. ( this can change if the line is popular so if you would like a different size email me and i will see how we go :)

Hope you love it :)


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